Who am I?


Name: Gorka Guerrero Ruiz

Nationality: Spanish

Hobbies: Travelling, new technologies, LEGO

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This is me. I was born in Zaragoza, a city in northeastern Spain, where I got my degree in Computer Engineering in 2012. Even before University, I've been interested in new technologies, Internet and electronic devices among other hobbies, but also I am interested in knowing about foreign cultures and travelling to other countries.
Here you will learn a bit more about me.

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Travels & flights


How many times I have circled the Earth?

Which is the country I have visited more times?

Which airport I use more frequent?

One of my biggest hobbies is travelling to other countries and, since the first trip, I have been counting and keeping a track of all the trips I have done.
Here you can see them plus some other statistics.